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Hey guys~

Blog is now re-open for viewing with a new design template. Yeay2~ Kali ni template lebih user friendly for those yang rasa rabun2 gitu. Amik la gedabak besar dah gambar2 sekarang. Actually dah lama dah teringin nak bagi gambar2 dalam blog ni besar2 gitew, tapi tak reti. But now saya dah expert. Hehehe. In just 2 hours blog sudah boleh kembali di view dengan design yang baru. You can see that the background colour for the body is now white instead of black. Nampak suci murni and actually it is easier to manage too. And if you look closely, you can see that my page is actually snowing!! Ehe, tapi sebenarnya tak nampak sangat pon due to the background colour. But anyway, I like it so much! *big clap-clap for myself*

ps: Some of my blog list is missing. But not to worry, anda bukan di blacklist. Cuma hilang when I tried to change my blog template, and I had to do it all again from scratch. Some yang missing saya tak ingat la you guys punya blog address. Later I will google it again okay~ ;D

Yours Truly,

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