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Product review: FCC Raya Promotions

Assalamualaikum and helloo!~

Some people may not know that blog could be one of the best place to deliver information. Sometimes lebih berpengaruh daripada radio dan televisyen yang kita tonton setiap hari. Why! Tak percaya? Because blog means internet. So bila you rasa nak cari info tentang sesuatu just type the word dekat google and semua information akan keluar bukan satu malah beratus-ratus dan beribu-ribu. And guess what? This also includes dear bloggers punya link address. So the more information you post, and the more likely people tends to google it, the more famous you are, the more money you make. Not just for us bloggers, but also to the brand that we promote. Hebat bukan? Kan banyak sekarang bloggers jadi artis ;)

Talking about review, today I want to promote a brand that may be familiar to some but may be blurr to few. It is FCC Farmasi Colour Cosmetics. Nama saja farmasi okay, tapi bukan brand local keluaran farmasi guardian mahupun watsons. This is actually an international brand daripada Istanbul. Kalau yang belajar oversea pon mesti dah pernah dengar tentang brand ni. So dijamin kualiti.

FCC ni sebenarnya offers a wide range of makeup, skin care and body care products. Perempuan mesti tak boleh lari dari semua benda ni kan. Bak kata husband, perempuan ni kena pandai jaga penampilan diri. Hahaha. I bet dia tengah stalk baca. But its true though. 

I myself sendiri tak reti nak bermakeup bagai seperti artis. Setakat tepek bedak, lipbalm, perfume sikit terus pergi office. Keluar weekend reti la berfoundation sikit, ber bb cream sikit, eyeliner senget benget sikit. Kalau tak makeup memang akan nampak totally dull. Tapi bila bermakeup ni still kita perlu prihatin dengan kualiti produk. And ofcourse perlu cari yang halal. Dengan FCC ni tak perlu ragu-ragu sebab memang dijamin halal (:

FCC ni dah ada store hampir di seluruh Malaysia. Tapi bila cek dekat web, area Melaka ni belum ada lagi. But this does not mean warga Melaka ke and even mana-mana yang stay jauh dari outlet FCC tak boleh beli. Bolehhhhhh sebenarnya! Malah lebih mudah. Sekali lagi dengan kuasa internet segalanya dihujung jari. Online shopping saja, terus sampai depan pintu rumah.

Try layari web-web bawah ni. Most of them even offer free postage so memang tak rugi~

Sempena hari raya yang bakal menjelang tiba ni, FCC juga ada buat promotion best2. So apa tunggu lagi, boleh start survey dan membeli-belah dari sekarang. Boleh dapat hadiah lagi!

FCC Raya Promotion

1)      FCC Adorn Set :

• Look modest this coming Raya with FCC Adorn Set!
• Comprises of FCC NEW and HOT selling items at DISCOUNTED price!
• Here’s MORE!! For every purchase of FCC Adorn Set, get FCC Limited Edition Tote Bag* for FREE.
• PLUS take home FCC Limited Edition Money Packet*.
• We are VERY SURE it’s WORTH every penny spent!
• YOU may choose either one ONLY for item 1, 2 & 3 and YOU have the freedom to choose the color.
• It doesn’t come with any gift box. It’s all loose items.
• *while stocks last

PROMO DURATION: 1st JULY 2013 – 11th AUGUST 2013

2)      FCC Duit Raya Fever:

·         Turn your dreams into reality with FCC DUIT RAYA FEVER CONTEST!
·         WIN RM 1000 CASH GRAND PRIZE!! or 5 x RM 200 Consolation Prize
·         Terms & Conditions:
-          Open to ALL with ANY purchase of FCC Product at ANY participating FCC outlets nationwide which includes Retail Counter, Retail Partner & Online!
-          Valid for product purchase between 1st July 2013 to 4th August 2013 Only.
-          Not applicable for FCC Team.

·         3 Easy Steps to WIN!:
Step 1: Send us your Full Name, Contact No., Email, Blog (if any) & FB Name together with your proof of purchase (any kind of receipt) via PM to FCC FB Page: FCC (Farmasi Colour Cosmetics)  or email it to
Step 2: Post a product review/testimony/comments/pictorial/video tutorial/etc on FCC product via FCC FB Page ONLY & SHARE your review to your family and friends. The MORE effort to share, the CLOSER you are to WIN!! Make sure you tag FCC FB Page if you make a review in your personal blog.
Step 3: Don’t forget to LIKE FCC FB Page: FCC (Farmasi Colour Cosmetics) & Follow FCC on Instagram : FCC Malaysia

YOU could be the WINNER of the RM 1000 CASH PRIZE!!              

CONTEST DURATION : 1st JULY 2013 – 4th  AUGUST 2013Winner will be announced by 12th August 2013.

Ask us for more info: 03-5191 1510/ 013-3834 522 /

Enough about website and facebook page. Sekarang ke instagram.

Jangan lupa follow instagram #FCCMALAYSIA okay, banyak promotion dan events yang menarik. 

So apa tunggu lagi. Start using quality, halal products. Start shopping for raya!


Yours truly,


Instant 3 layer hijab


As promised, below are some of the Zawara's hijab. Go ahead, take a look. Just click the picture to buy. EASY! Make sure to buy it from the link in this blog~

All hijabs are priced at RM69 plus free postage nationwide!

Yours truly,
Affiliate Zawara's dropship dealer


Jom shopping di Zawara!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

U guys pernah dengar tak tentang Zawara? Bukan Zalora yang iklan kat tv jerit2 tu ok.. Ni Zawara. It is actually a clothing line that specializes in stylish, modest, elegant and fashionable apparels. So now, semua wanita bukan sahaja boleh bergaya but still masih mengekalkan imej yang sopan. Oh wow, isnt this great!

Our clothes are handcrafted using high quality fabric such as sateen silk, chiffon, silk and cotton. Our teams of designers are enthusiastic women who know what looks good and feels well on women. We are a believer of style meets comfort.

Eventhough koleksi Zawara didesign by expert designers, but still the price is very affordable compared to others. Zawara bukan sahaja offer baju, dress, but ada juga pelbagai jenis hijab. Just say what you want, from shawl to instant hijab.Semua cantik-cantik!

Zawara ni ada butik kat Shah Alam. Tapi kalau u guys ada kat Melaka ke, Kelantan ke, Perlis ke, or even kat Sabah and Sarawak ke, still boleh beli baju from Zawara.


Yes! Through online shopping~

So what are you waiting for? And since raya is just around the corner so lets browse through the collection. Tengok-tengok blouse, dress, hijab and many more accessories. Cool right.

Where shopping is just a click away. Dari rumah, dari office, dari kereta boleh terus online and shop, shop, and shop.So kalau nak start shopping, click gambar di bawah.

Next post i akan post several collection from Zawara. So wait~

 Yours truly,
Zawara's affiliate dropship dealer

 Make sure you click from this link. TQ (:


Panasonic Lumix LX5 for sale!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Selling away my panasonic lumix lx5 with the price of RM950. Retail price is RM1200. Still in excellent condition and have been using it just twice. Bought it last year. Pretty white colour. Selling it with a complete set of charger, battery, cleaning kit, 8gb memory card, strap, usb & tv cable and also an original lumix leather case. The extra thing is that it is already equipped with a lense protector worth more than RM100!

Interested, pls email me.

Tq (:


Nobody was there when i'm in need.

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