Assalamualaikum (:

Its been so long since the last update minus the honeymoon picture post due to my so-called hectic schedule nowadays. Siapa kata bila dah kahwin office akan bagi less work? That is all lies la people. Haha. Ouh and today I am a bit rajin to check out my blog and my nuffnang earnings. Sampai dah tak ingat dah password. Can you imagine the last time I check my nuffnang sampai lupa-lupa ni. Of course la kan, the last time I check the earnings was just scents. Mestilah nak tengok dah tak ada mood. But today the total reached RM24.74. See? Its a good feeling that there are people who still reading this 'not updated' blog. Tq people! Tq followers! Ouh ya and tq stalkers! ;p

Before this ingat semangat nak update blog thru iPad je. But the feeling was just so different you know. Tak best macam kat laptop boleh edit2 gambar and put those pink signature of mine. All these will lead to post with only blurr pictures and no words. U see when you want to upload pictures from your iPad to your facebook or your blogs, the pictures akan jadi a lil bit blurr. Siapa yang suka tengok picture blurr2 ni? None right! So this one will lead to a blog without any updated post. Like what happen right now. (:

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