Tickets to Europe confirmed!!

Its been so long since the last update. So long kah?? Long la tu. B4 this igt nk update hari2. But what to do?? I've been busy lately with exams, assignments and ofcourse fyp. Yeah, my fyp x siap2 lg. Stuck there for 3 weeks eventhough tgl the last part shj. Kalau x dh siap okay!! I think there is something wrong with the programming. But lets 4get about that part for a moment..

so now, mari menggembirakn hati..or is it mengembirakn??erk what happen to my BM =S

I'm going to Europe on the 2nd of June and i'll be back on 14th of June..

Short time, so many places to go. So my sis said she couldn't predict if we would have enough time to visit all of these places. Plus the domestic flights lg and the train. Sempat ke?

Arrive in Dublin on 2nd of June
My sis graduation on 4th of June
Start trip on 5th of June
End of trip (must be in London) on 12th of June
Back to Malaysia on 14th of June
Now, that leaves us with.... 7 days

This 7 days to cover:
- Rome/ Florence
- Bern
- Amsterdam
- Paris (Paris-London wajib naek keteretapi laju)

As for me, at first xnk pegi since my sv ajak g conference time tu n xnk my parents bazirkn duet to bring me along. Owh I'm such a good daughter la. Tp, tp kaaaan. My mom xnk ank yg disayangi ini ditinggalkn. Hehe. Eh btol la. Walaupon ayt ini nmpk sgt over. But I can feel it. So in the end, trpkse la ikot n brlaku suatu pembaziran di sini and I promise to repay all of this back bila dh keje. Can I?? InsyaAllah. X)

Attention!! Itu semua bulan 6 nanti..

now back to my busy life..




oh my..oh my~

esok nk blk U dah..oohh terase cuti sgt sekejap..mane tak nye, cuti 4 hari pon sempat g penang..slide for presentation pon x bt lg..oh my..oh my..still have no mood after last week exams..not expecting a good result ='(..12.46am..i'm soOo tired rite now..need to get a good nite beauty sleep after dis..hehe..nothin else 2 say la..gudnite peeps X)

on d way back to d mainland..rindu rmh!!rindu laptop!!rindu nk on9..XP

us in pink X)

my house??no laa~

*ezreen is counting days*

luv, ez

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