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Hye..regarding the title, yeah i'm thinking about making this blog private..any objections??still not decided yet when..but maybe..maybe erm still in progress =)


I'm not emotionally good lately..why??hurm so many things happened and it is actually my LIFE..i don't need to tell the whole world about it and i should just make it a little secret that only me should know..

...People come and people go, they make lies but then said NO...'s true enough..that's why i already promised to myself not to trust other people because someday they may eventually go..

*Trying so hard to appreciate what i already have now*..from previous post

My life is not that perfect..and i keep on wondering is there someone out there with a perfect life just like in a fairy tale book..when i was a little girl, i usually dreamt to have a perfect life..get a chance to study abroad, good job, get married with a perfect guy and have a happy family..but since i'm already 21 years and 27 days today..all that dreams seems unreal..maybe i should just wipe it off , throw it away and never think about it is not that i'm not grateful..i do appreciate what i have now..maybe it is not that perfect as anyone else..but i'm thankful and i am grateful to God for all that i have..

because YOU bring me peace in my life like no others would =')

keep on smiling because someday the world would smile back at you *the only thing that i believe in now*



27Jan09 - 12.54am

I'm so sad.. =')

Good nite..

Swit drims..

*trying to appreciate what i have now*



Mid semester BREAK

Mid semester break home nothing to do just laze around..ahah..and nearly forgot that i have 3 assignments to do..but still got another lalalala~

Yesterday i attend my cousin's wedding..and here are some of the pics x) ..

*Friday-akad nikah..Saturday-wedding ceremony (house)..Sunday-wedding ceremony (concorde hotel)*

*Simple yet nice..buat sendiri je*

*From her*

*From him*

*Lovely cousin...Ungku Shereen*



tagged again =)

1. Do you think you're hot?
Nope..i'm cute only..X)

2. Upload your favourite picture of you!
3. Why do you like that picture?

first pic with braces XP..x suke

4. When is the last time you ate pizza?
last month..home-made..nyum2

5. The last song you listened to?
kasih yg tak dianggap..who is it??lalala~
6. What are you doing right now beside this?
7. People you tag
1. Elya
2. Shima
3. Burn
4. Amir
5. Nazmi
8. Who is number 1?
the one who tagged me!!
9. Say something about number 5?
hardly know him..utm student
10. How about number 4?
serabai!!gedik plak tu..haha..
11. Who is number 2?
cosmate..cma cun??kee
12. Number 3? plate moto x besh



*Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng’tag’ dia.>> ELYA…
1. kecik
2. tp lg tua dr i okay!! hehe

4.owh ad kat bilik die la ni..
5. x-rumate 4cast
6.cosmate la =)
7. kalau nk mknn free dtg je bilik die..ha3
8.kalau nk on9 pom dtg cni XP
9. elya..shoppin ke window shoppin??!!
10.i have no idea..same shoe size..huhu..xde kaitan~

*Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara sesuatu pasal diri mereka.
1.travelling <-- feveret
3. shy2..ahaha

4. currently tension dgn psm..aargh
5. suke mkn kalau org blanje je XP
6. sensitip..really!!

7. akan cerah 2 tona..shhh *rahsia*
8. money never enough 4 me..hehehe
9. savin
10. beuty sleep kene cukup..kalau tidak sy EMO!!

*at the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names
1. Shima
2. Elya
3. Burn
4. Eileen
5. Ariff Shazwan
6. Amir
7. Nazmi
8. Erna
9. Riri
10. S


MOTO campus event

Just came back from the MOTO campus event..soo tired brjln2 ke sane cni..and i think i lost few kilos after the subuh prayer about 6.30 am dh kene siap2 dh..i actually went there with two of my cosmates [mr burn n mr acem]..we went to the komuter station at about 8.30 am if i'm not mistaken and took the 9.00 am train..and i started loya2 nk muntah..i guess i had train sick la XP..then we took the lrt next..soo many people and had to stand..aiyoowh loya2 pon tahan je la..and i'm not quite sure when we finally KLCC both of them need to go to the toilet..and guess what??i waited for them for quite a long time..lalala~wutever la what they do in there..after that we went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel but the registration did not open yet for the evening we went to The Star Education Fair at KL Convention Centre..jauh brjalan eventhough it is actually not so far..but still, i need to walk fast and catch up with them with these shoes..really feels like it was hundred miles away..[still loya2 lg ni]..nmpk je tough brjln X) oops before that we had our lunch first..then br la brjalan2 kt edu fair sambil mencari2 org..haha..but could'nt find~ we went to the edu fair sekejap je..then g hotel blk..get ready for the interview..and i finally realized that all those loya2 thing sbb takot intebiu..hehe..and not bcos of the sick train..well maybe a bit..there is not enough oxygen la in there..really!!first there is a talk session.. and they actually said that we are the top 80 from hundreds of people..(bangga lah XP)..most of them is from UTM and only a few were from other universities like MMU and interview session is actually at 5.00 pm..thank god awal sket..really hate to wait that interviewer is a malay it is quite okay la i guess..but i really regret it..the question is actually a simple one tp..biase la careless mistake..haha..but i did get some of it i'm proud of myself..thanx 2 my practical fren yg bg soalan2 bocor..arini nk intebiu mlm td br stadi sket..hehe..tu pon cari kt intenet..i did'nt bring my books home..and actually the day i went home, i nearly forgot to bring all my certificates..isk3..nmpk sgt xmo g intebiu..the last even is the lucky feveret part eventhough x slalu lucky..and the grand prize that they were giving away is a motorola handphone..yeah i am LUCKY..they called out 3 names including me..but then kene rebut jwb soklan..and yet i'm not the LUCKY one..hukhuk..nyesal x dgr talk btol2..kalau x dpt hp baru..

and the MOTO campus event finally ends~



Mixed up

Do you badmouth the person you love the most?

Ladies, have you ever cheated on your boyf/husband?

Is raking up old matters acceptable in the world of love?

What about cursing the person we love? Is it acceptable?

Do we really have to forgive and forget the person who created wounds on our hearts?

Do you share your personal relationship problems with your friends?

Do you remember the person you love, even when you're mad at him/her?

Do you like his/her friends?

Is jealousy a norm?

Can we compare the person we love with the person from our past?


no komen X)

aku mentari tapi tak menghangatkanmu
aku pelangi tak memberi warna di hidupmu
aku sang bulan tak menerangi malammu
akulah bintang yg hilang ditelan kegelapan

selalu itu yg kau ucapkan padaku

sebagai kekasih yg tak dianggap
aku hanya bisa mencoba mengalah
menahan setiap amarah

aku sang bulan tak menerangi malammu
aku lah bintang yg hilang ditelan kegelapan

repeat reff

sebagai kekasih yg tak dianggap
aku hanya bisa mencoba bersabar
ku yakin kau kan berubah

repeat reff

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