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2-enty 5 Facts About Me

This is a tag from Elya.. p/s: Weyh tag ko aritu pon I tak buat lagi.. Hehe..

1- I love being alone, but I hate being left alone
2- TV or laptop? Lappy of course ;)
3- I love travelling (ehem.. for free)
4- I'm hard to decide
5- I'm happy with my life. Really, I do!
6- During my school years. I love exams. Now? Eeewww
7- I'm shy
8- Money is important
9- I'm nice, if they treat me nice. Otherwise....
10- I hate worms and anything like it
11- If I said no to food, seriously I'm lying
12- I love my weight and my height ;)
13- I cherish every moment in my life
14- I hate being the center of attention -_-".. sometimes~
15- I can stay for hours in front of my lappy
16- I hate perempuan prasan cantik tapi berlagak. Translate it for me ;P
17- I only wear my spectacles during classes 0_0
18- I respect good people :)
19- I'm easily sad. Soft-hearted maybe :P
20- I do believe in destiny
21- I hate it when people keeps pretending
22- I easily gets mad, if I didn't get enough sleep at night
23- I usually wakes up 2 hours before my class
24- I cry every week
25- [empty] There's only 24 facts about me


U're reading this? So u're next!


ezy ;)


My Convocation Photos outdated photos -_-"

-a few only-


ezy ;)


Here's to you ;)

It's been a while since the last update. I've been pretty busy lately? Naaaah! I'm just being lazy ;). This morning I had a test. First test actually as a postgraduate student. I think I did okay. The subject is actually like a revision from the undergraduate. But still there is tension in the air. There is this one question on inverse matrix. Easy question. I repeat, very easy question to find the inverse matrix. And it actually sound like this "Compute the inverse matrix by using two different methods". Dalam hati berkata, "OMG! I only know one method. Tak pernah kesah pon pasal method lagi satu." Why do I need to know two methods anyway when both of them will give the same result? Hiuhh~ The other method I only remember a little bit. So what did I do? Using the result from the 1st method, I derive from the back for the other method. Dapat la ala2 cara yang sebenar. I hope the lecturer didn't notice it. Hehe.

And you know what? More than half of my class are foreign students. And they actually copying others during test! Hish geram2. Siap baling2 kertas. I can see clearly when one of them hantar kertas jawapan, die siap bagi kertas kat another one yang still do the test. Most of us Malaysian students saw it. I report kat lecturer karang! Thank God I'm a nice person. Whatever~ Let them be. Bulan2 puasa pon nak tiru. Kan? kan?

Okay, end of that story. Enough said ;)

By the way, I would like to take the oppurtunity to wish all muslims around the world, SELAMAT BERPUASA!


ezy ;)

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