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New semester!


Finally I've decided the title for my Masters project.. hiuu~ harap2 dapat la 1st choice.. Takpon 2nd choice.. Taknak 3rd choice.. Taknak juge out of choice ;D

Can't wait! Can't wait! Tak sabar nak buat..

So next sem I will be taking these subjects:

1. Discrete-Time Systems and Computer Control [don't like!]
2. Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement [like2!!]
3. Artificial Intelligence [like juge!]
4. Adaptive and Self-Tuning Control [hurm..]

Hope result 1st semester ni okay.. Takmo repeat~ (B minus and above okay.. So dats mean 60 and above.. Chaiyok2!!) =)


**It really annoys me how some people become so selfish after getting what they want*


0 8 1 1 2 0 0 9


Third day at home, and I'm bored already. Donno what to do. Urgh! Just finished filling up the forms need to be send to UTeM. By the way, about the previous post on the interview, guess what? I got UTeM Fellowship Scheme. Alhamdulillah~ Never thought of it. Seriously. The interviewer asked me questions that left me AAA?aaaa?

Yep, so now I decided to take UTeM Fellowship Scheme rather than Unimap. And its final. This Wednesday I have another interview at UniKL MFI. But I decided not to go. Need a rest from all these interviews. Need to concentrate on my master now. No more interviews please~


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