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Another 2 exams to go, and it seems like this semester is way too tough than the previous one.. First semester dulu rasa macam senang je Masters ni.. But now everything has change -_-" Hidup dah tak terurus jadinya.. Semalam pon tak sempat nak dinner.. Got too many things to do.. Haih~ Its okay, 2 more papers to go and good bye semester 2~ Oh and markah untuk exam first hari tu pon dah keluar.. Lulus tu lulus la.. But not what I expected.. Carry marks dah okay, tapi agak down siket masa exam.. Sedey okay.. Oh well, patut bersyukur la kan, ramai juga yang tak lulus paper tu.. At least I dont need to repeat :)

......... ingat buat Masters senang ke.. Must get at least B- untuk lulus taw.. Kalau tak repeat la nampaknya.. But if course management jangan la compare kan dengan engineering.. Mungkin senang la kot Masters diorang.. Isk2.. Emo jap.. Harap2 this semester semua lepas.. Ameen

Next semester is coming.. Hopefully will be the last one :) Tak larat lagi dah okay!!

Buku itu ibarat gula-gula, awal-awal manis lama-lama tawar.. makan banyak-banyak muntah :P

Lots of love,

muimui –   – (April 20, 2010 at 8:09 AM)  

tu laaa~ mmg ssh kn masters ni~ sy pon kdg2 x sempat bekpes~

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