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Ok ni yang marah ni. Rasa hari tu dah save satu post tu, bukak2 hari ni blank. Terpaksa tulis and upload gambar balik. Haish~

................ So sebenarnya hari tu nak cerita tentang trip ke Kg. Johor Lama. Korang tahu tak kat mane? Kalau tak tahu boleh tanya Miss Google. Actually pergi situ sebab ada penilai SIFE Malaysia nak datang tengok tapak projek. Haa~ Konon engineer plak kan ada tapak projek ni. Mane la taw menang dapat pergi international plak kan. But as for us tak sempat kot, tinggal satu sem je lagi kat UTM ni. Bagi generasi2 akan datang la plak sambung kan. And I dont think nak sambung Phd kat UTM ni lagi. Start dari 4cast kat UTM, then degree kat UTM, Master mula2 taknak kat UTM but at last UTM  jugak. Phd? Just wait and see.. :)

You guys know what is SIFE? Siapa2 yang tak tahu tu boleh la klik2 link yang kaler2 tu, yang dah tahu tu stay still and baca ni sampai habis :P

Students in Free Enterprise, SIFE as its names counts, is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to assemble university students around the world to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills in becoming socially responsible business leaders. The SIFE program model is designed to harness the business talents of the network members for the benefit of people and communities around the world, while also providing meaningful opportunities for these leaders to connect, collaborate and learn from one another.

And as for UTM, kami telah memilih Kg. Johor Lama as a place of interest in enhancing their quality of life and standard of living :)

For more pictures boleh tgk kat Facebook ni.
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