Steamboat tomyam


......... Finally I can breathe normally this weekend! Since there is no test next week, I'm able to relax a lil bit without stress. But still there is one assignment due this Monday. So overall my weekend was just so great! Got another 3 weeks more before my final exams starts. After that? The end of my 2nd semester ofcourse. Then the last semester for my masters degree. InsyaAllah. Hope can grad on time :)

So today I'm just going to stay in my room and finish my assignment since yesterday we're already spend the time shopping and partying. Party la sangat kan~ Actually last night thought of doing a sleepover at Wiwit's room. But in the end tak jadi. Prefer to sleep on my own bed :P

In the day pula actually I ajak my friends pergi Jusco Tmn U ni je, dah lama tak kluar jalan2 lagi pon. But then suddenly Elya turned up and ajak pergi Angsana. Fine with me~  :) Saya suke jalan2 ni, lebih2 lagi weekend ni sangat free. And then lepas tu plan nak buat party. Party steamboat ok~ Tom yam. Nyum2.

After that pergi la Giant beli bahan2 yang diperlukan dan makan malam dulu *makan steamboat je mane kenyang kan?*. Around 10pm baru la start aktiviti masak memasak!

Bahan2 yang diperlukan untuk memasak steamboat tom yam adalah seperti gambar di bawah. Plus minyak masak, bawang, garam dan juga pes tomyam. Ouh not to forget bahan paling penting, air :D

Panaskan minyak di dalam periuk. 
Goreng bawang sehingga naik bau. Tak taw la bau macam mana. Slalu dalam tv cakap macam ni :">
Masukkan pes tomyam dan kacau2.
Masukkan air dan juga bahan2 lain.
Akhir sekali garam secukup rase.
Tunggu hingga masak

*Recipe credit to Nana*

Dan hasilnya....................

Lots of love,

muimui –   – (March 15, 2010 at 10:07 AM)  

Fish fillet xde letak keee~

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