1st week update~

"Direct Adaptive Predictive Control for Wastewater Treatment Plant"

Yep, dats my Master's Project. Tajuk yg dapat aritu. Tapi bole kot tukar tajuk ni sket2 bagi sedap mata memandang since proposal pon tak hantar lagi. Any suggestion nak bagi tajuk ni nampak menarik? Kindly leave your comments..

My supervisor, Dr.N sgt semangat. Sy suke. First time jumpe lecturer yang rajen contact students. Ape2 mesti emel, tak pon sms, and tak pon call . So nice kan?~ Hari2 saye pon jadi semangat buat research ni. Lots of things blaja dari sini. Its like gabungan beberapa subjek before this that I don't even understand the purpose why we have to study it. Bergune juge rupenye :P

My task for this week kene fahamkan how the plant works (boleh buat wastewater treatment plant kat rumah la lps ni), study on system ID, and lastly on MPC (Model Predictive Control). A little bit hard kot for me sbb tak amek subjek system ID ni sem lepas. Igt nak amek next sem. Nway, saye yakin bole buat! Adaptive control pon subjek this sem. Kelas pon tak start lagi, and I don't know how fast I can finish this project macam ni.

First meeting with Dr.N aritu, she ask for my last semester cpa. And ckp, based on performance project ni nanti bole la direct buat phd under die. Coz die bole mintak grant la, and bla bla bla. Just need to find sponsor byr my tuition fee je la. Master pon baru start kan dah fikir pasal phd? Huhu. I need to think first la about this. Tak kan nak direct kan? Cramp otak ni nanti. Igt nak keje ke dulu~ Lgpon igt nak buat oversea. Ha3. Berangan je. Ape2 pon depends on my master ni. One more year to go!

Lots of love,

muimui –   – (December 20, 2009 at 10:50 AM)  

waaa...complexnye project...byk btol gabungan subjek @_@

erm...title mcm dh ok je...simple and suffice... i like~ ;)

-ezreen-  – (December 20, 2009 at 2:07 PM)  

tak nak.. tak ske simple2.. nak mcm name saye.. taknak mcm name awk :P

muimui –   – (December 20, 2009 at 9:03 PM)  

smpai ati ckp mcm tu... repot mak saye :'(

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