I couldn't sleep and I wanted to die. Huhuuu~

It all started at 11.00 pm last night. Getting ready to prepare slides for my final year project and suddenly my eyes could not see clearly..It was getting blurry..So i put on my spectacles and keep on to do my slides *bersemangat!!*..But after the clock strike 12 ='( ..I'm started to get dizzy and just gave up like that. Sungguh susah nk dapat semangat buat keje, last2 jd mcm ni. Dugaan btol la. wuwuwu..

After that, I get ready to sleep. But yet, the headache didn't go away..grrr..and it started to get even worst..Felt like throwing up..So in the end, I slept with my hand holding a plastic bag..I think I slept around 3.00 am..sgt menyeksakan tahan sakit sorg2 ni..huhu..nk mesej mcm org dpt membantu je..

But today, I'm feeling fine..I guess maybe I didn't eat enough yesterday..yep, need to eat more today =)


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