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Jom shopping di Zawara!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

U guys pernah dengar tak tentang Zawara? Bukan Zalora yang iklan kat tv jerit2 tu ok.. Ni Zawara. It is actually a clothing line that specializes in stylish, modest, elegant and fashionable apparels. So now, semua wanita bukan sahaja boleh bergaya but still masih mengekalkan imej yang sopan. Oh wow, isnt this great!

Our clothes are handcrafted using high quality fabric such as sateen silk, chiffon, silk and cotton. Our teams of designers are enthusiastic women who know what looks good and feels well on women. We are a believer of style meets comfort.

Eventhough koleksi Zawara didesign by expert designers, but still the price is very affordable compared to others. Zawara bukan sahaja offer baju, dress, but ada juga pelbagai jenis hijab. Just say what you want, from shawl to instant hijab.Semua cantik-cantik!

Zawara ni ada butik kat Shah Alam. Tapi kalau u guys ada kat Melaka ke, Kelantan ke, Perlis ke, or even kat Sabah and Sarawak ke, still boleh beli baju from Zawara.


Yes! Through online shopping~

So what are you waiting for? And since raya is just around the corner so lets browse through the collection. Tengok-tengok blouse, dress, hijab and many more accessories. Cool right.

Where shopping is just a click away. Dari rumah, dari office, dari kereta boleh terus online and shop, shop, and shop.So kalau nak start shopping, click gambar di bawah.

Next post i akan post several collection from Zawara. So wait~

 Yours truly,
Zawara's affiliate dropship dealer

 Make sure you click from this link. TQ (:

kehidupan sihat  – (October 16, 2014 at 5:57 PM)  

salam perkenalan ezreen

jemput ke blog nana nanti :)

Fyda Noh  – (November 26, 2015 at 11:15 PM)  

Dah buka zawara. Memang stylo baju dia & affordable

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